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Chihtsai has six distinct formulation of shampoos that allow you to prescribe the correct shampoo for every client. These are all acid( at pH 5.5-6.5 ) with mild surfactant and nice fragrance. Each shampoo cleans the hair thoroughly and mildly. Leave hair in a healthy shiny state.

No 1 Shampoo

pH 6.7

What it does

- maintain proper moisture

- deeply clean

When to prescribe

- normal to coarse hair

- before chemical treatment


No 3 Shampoo

pH 6.22

What it does

- control flakes and itch

- further to prevent hair loss

When to prescribe

- suffered from itchy scalp

- abnormal hair loss

- any flaking conditions


No 5 Shampoo

pH 6.29

What it does

- moisturize/lusterize

- add texture

When to prescribe

- permed/colored hair

- after chemical treatment


No 6 Shampoo

pH 6.15

What it does

- deposit moisture

- promote sheen/bounce

When to prescribe

- long/coarse hair

No 2 Shampoo


pH 6.17


What it does

- balance the oil production

- add volume without weight

When to prescribe

- oily hair

- fine /limp hair


No 4 Chamomile Shampoo


pH 6.15


What it does

- the mild and low-irritation cleaners provides smoothing for scalp

- leave hair shiny, soft and full of body

When to prescribe

- oily scalp and hair

- after-colored hair

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